Our Story

We began our journey in 2004, but our story started several years prior to that. With a combination of advertising agency and corporate marketing experience under our belts, we broke free and took to the streets to be an anti-agency of sorts. A firm that was talented, flexible and nimble; just like its clients. We launched Rocket Creative for ourselves. We wanted to do good work for good people.

As time went on, we grew our service offerings, honed our expertise and carved out a niche in high-tech, telecom, and semiconductor segments. We worked in major tech hubs across the country and helped launch some really exciting startups along the way.

Today, we work with companies across the globe and partner with specialized associations, government growth and development agencies, tech incubators and investment groups to ensure our clients have everything they need to be successful.

But one thing has remained constant; we do great work for great people. It’s become our mantra.

Let's TalkLet's Talk

We Create Opportunities

We focus on what matters most sound strategy, synergistic partnerships, lead generation, channel development, investment opportunities and connections that pay off.

Our method of working with our clients is best described as “direct.” It’s actually pretty simple. You communicate directly with the people doing the work. And we listen. We’re a true partner and that’s the cornerstone of our success.

We effectively bridge the gap between business development and marketing by providing the strategy, design, support, and connections you need to prepare your company for its next step. Whether it’s a new growth stage, securing a round of investment or preparing for a successful exit, we’ll make sure you’re in the right place and in front of the right people to make it happen.

Our lifelong clients know our heads and hearts are in the game. We’re right there in the trenches, dedicated to working toward a common goal: pedal-to-the-metal, business-accelerating, industry-disrupting, profit-producing success.

Chances are you’ve been searching hard to find good people. We’re glad you found us.

Cara Mormino

Public Relations & Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategist with comprehensive expertise in all areas of marketing, sales, branding/positioning, advertising, trade show strategy, client service and strategic planning. I help startups polish their brand, hone their message, connect with investors and forge value-added partnerships. I operate as part of the team for our customers, providing everything they need and whatever it takes to achieve success.

Scott Ritter

Marketing and Creative Strategist

Scott is a seasoned marketing professional with a proven track record of creating effective and creative marketing strategies for businesses across the globe. With his mix of marketing, design, consulting and event experience, Scott is the go-to resource for companies seeking an effective marketing program to expand their reach, boost their brand image and maximize ROI.

Rocket Creative did an outstanding job preparing Eden Rock for its next critical growth phase. Not only did they do great work for a reasonable cost, I am impressed at how quickly they became a fully integrated member of our team and a valuable asset to our company.

Chaz ImmendorfPresident & CEO, Eden Rock Communications

The team at Rocket Creative has been invaluable in helping jumpstart Ubidyne's image as a viable, robust and innovative technology company. With their dedicated and continuous "real time" support, our brand has become an instant success, positioned as THE industry leader in a new product category that did not previously exist. We have a very small internal team, and yet, with Rocket Creative's help, we have been able to establish a brand that is recognized globally by the leaders in our industry. Rocket Creative has helped develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that fits the budget constraints of a small start up group like ours including: Choosing the right trade shows and conferences, building the look and feel of our company in presentations, display graphics and on the web, "pulsing" our customers and industry influencers with a combination of press releases and helping Ubidyne to win major industry awards. Rocket Creative has become an indispensable part of the Ubidyne team.

Kent HeathVP of Marketing and Business Development, Ubidyne

Over the past 25 years I have worked with several regional and global creative and public relations agencies. Rocket Creative stands out as the most effective and efficient agency I have had the pleasure of working with. You consistently deliver excellent creative materials while working under incredibly short timelines. Your work on our presentations, website and tradeshow materials has been outstanding. We hired you for your creative genius, but found you also have a great knack for focusing in on the press opportunities that matter. You have helped us win strong and consistent press around the globe. The accomplishment I am most proud of is winning the coveted GSMA's Mobile Innovator of the Year award. This is akin to the academy award in the motion picture industry. We would not have won that award without your strong support and guidance. I would be proud to serve as a strong reference for any future client.

Ken HawkCEO, Juniper Ventures

Rocket Creative did an exceptional job for us. This is the second time I have used them to help us get to market with our technology. They did an excellent job helping us craft our message, building our brand, and managing our advertising, trade shows, and PR. From their high level ideas down to handling the smallest details, they handled it all as my complete marketing partner.

Bill ClarkGeneral Manager of Apriva Secure POS Wireless

Quintel's website was a number years old and had been developed at a time when the company was still defining itself including products and markets. We had previously worked with several marketing firms to help us develop and improve the website and found the process to be difficult and requiring lots of internal effort and long revision cycles.
We were aware of Rocket Creative's work and capabilities through other industry work they had done and decided to embark up an entire website refresh fully expecting another long complex process based upon our previous experiences. The exact opposite transpired as Rocket Creative was able to quickly distill our ideas down to a few options which, with little revisions, we were able to finalize both style and message in a short period of time. The team at Rocket Creative was very easy to work with, taking our ideas and requests for changes and feeding them back to us quickly and minimizing revision cycles.
In the end, we were able to manage the number of resources we required internally and produce a brand new website that has more flexibility than we expected and has received accolades from all our employees and customers.

Joe VeniVP Sales & Business Development, Quintel Wireless

I am pleased to see that since we have started working with Rocket Creative, our overall marketing indicators have all measurably improved without any increase in our marketing spend. Their quick turn-around and high level of quality made them a business asset to Mentum. In short, working with Rocket Creative is increasing Mentum's competitiveness.

Bernard BretonCOO & CSO, InfoVista

Rocket Creative completely rebranded SecureCare Dental, fine tuned our messaging and put a comprehensive marketing program in place that enabled us to compete advantageously with our Fortune 500 counterparts.

Mark PopejoyPresident, SecureCare Dental

I worked with Rocket Creative to create a brand, website and collateral for a startup company with its headquarters in Germany. It was a great pleasure to interact with Cara Mormino and Scott Ritter, and time and distance were never the slightest problem. They worked with me to understand our value proposition and our technology, and were creative and responsive in all aspects of our marketing campaign. Cara and Scott developed spot-on materials and had our name in the trade news in no time at all. I cannot understate how valuable they were, and it was a pleasure to consider them as part of my corporate marketing identity team. I couldn't have done it without them. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Enrique CuellarIntelant